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Sumanthiran's Pongal Pot Scam

Sumo's Pongal Pot Scam.

Last year the Tamil Diaspora had initiated a charitable effort to provide Pongal pots to people in the North during the Pongal Season. Members close to Sumanthiran organised it..The initiative was advertised as non political by them.
This advertisement of it being apolitical caught the attention of people from opposite camps who are normally anti-Sumanthiran. To everyone's surprise, they contributed significantly to this initiative, showing their support for a good cause.

However, on the day the Pongal pots were being handed over to the people, Sumanthiran made a sudden appearance. He posed in the pictures where the pots were being handed over, using the charitable act as a photo opportunity for himself.

This behavior left the donors of the initiative shocked and disappointed. They felt that their contributions had been taken advantage of for cheap political gain. They expected the initiative to remain apolitical, but Sumanthiran's actions transformed it into a publicity stunt.

When the donors confronted a local fan boy called Prasath(who is now an ITAK Pradesa Sabai Member) about the use of the event for cheap political marketing. The fan boy's response was unexpected and outrageous. He started abusing the donors and defending Sumanthiran's actions.

To make matters worse, it was revealed that some of the funds from the donation were used to print political posters for Sumanthiran. This was a clear indication that the charity event was not as apolitical as it was advertised.

Till this day, the local fan boy and his team have not submitted accounts to the donors, leaving them in the dark about the usage of their contributions. Despite all of this, he now holds a position in Pradesa Sabai as a representative of ITAK.

-Mr. பழுவேட்டரையர்


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