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An Open Letter to Mr.Gary Anandasangaree

Dear Member of the House of Commons of Canada Mr. Gary Anandasangaree, This letter is pertaining to the Humanist Conference that you intend to participate in on the 24th of September 2022. We would like to bring to your notice about the questionable and dubious actions of the chief organiser of that institution and how the participation in such an event could taint your reputation within the community.  You have been a representative who has always been righteous in your political action. We are worried that you will be making a wrong decision by associating with a group that is known for denying the Tamil Genocide and spreading anti-Eelam and anti-refugee sentiments. The chief organiser of the said event is Mr.Kannabiran, who was recently exposed as a fraud for faking his academic credentials.  The so-called “Humanism conference” that you plan to attend this weekend is being organised by a scamster who has built his profile claiming to be a professor. The academic institutions to whic