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Shoba Shakthi & Tamil Solidarity Group's 'Group Sex Ideology'

I just dont know where to start, but this story needs to be told. In the last few years I've gained insights into internal problems within numerous Dravidian groups in Tamil Nadu and abroad through interactions on Clubhouse with the current and ex-members of such groups, and in this blog, I aim to shed light on such groups and activists linked to cases of sexual exploitation.  Firstly I would like to discuss about Shoba Shakti. A few months ago, a fellow comrade shared an old article on Shoba Shakthi from a website called Keetru. This article was written by a Human Rights activist called Thamizhachi who was based in France. The article is all about the sexual harrasment Thamizhachi faced through Shoba Sakthi.  Shobha Shakti is an activist/author who operates from France. He is an Sri Lankan Tamil who has made a name by being very critical about the Tamil struggle in Eelam. He calls himself a Dalit/Dravidian activist or Periyarist and is closely connected to