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Arun Siddharthan's Lies Exposed!

Arun Siddharthan is what we call a poi pothal(bag of lies) in Tamil. He is one of the many Tamil sidekicks of the Colombo ruling establishment who use people like him as a tool to spread misinformation and hatred amongst communities. He models himself as a Tamil who speaks what the Sinhala Nationalists want to hear. He doesnt speak the truth, he doesn't have to as long he has people who would listen to what he has to say without fact checking or verifying everything that he blabbers. In this blog i will be exposing a few of the lies that he has been saying about Tamils. I hope our Sinhala brothers and sisters pay attention to this. Our political battles will continue, we are going to disagree and fight.. but let us be true to ourselves, let us not allow such liars to use us as tools. Arun Siddharthan models himself as a person who speaks against the Vellalars, the dominant caste of the North of Sri Lanka specifically Jaffna. Casteism is a problem throughout the island.